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Founded in 2007 by Greg Newkirk and his wife Dana, Week In Weird has grown into one of the web’s most-read destinations for tales of the paranormal, drawing in millions of visitors each month.


With its lighthearted, middle of the road approach to the unexplained and the best-written weird news content on the internet, it’s no surprise that Week in Weird is read by over two million unique visitors each month and has become a regular source of material for huge media outlets like VICE, Mental Floss, Coast to Coast AM, The Fortean Times, and even Country Living to name just a few.


Over the last decade, Week in Weird has become the online destination for all things strange, from paranormal news, to vintage mysteries, to true tales of the ghostly and the unexplained. Week in Weird is a magazine written for lovers of the strange by lovers of the strange.




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Greg Newkirk