Feature-Length Documentary

The Unbinding

After discovering a strange statue in New York’s Catskill Mountains, two hikers become the target of chilling paranormal phenomena. As the activity escalates, occult researchers Greg and Dana Newkirk are called to uncover the truth behind the haunted artifact.

Greg Newkirk produces and stars in this feature-length documentary from the award-winning team behind Amazon Prime’s Hellier. Half a decade in the making, The Unbinding centers around one of the Newkirks’ most incredible cases: the curse of the Catskills Crone, a startling effigy blamed for frightening manifestations, mysterious injuries, and all manner of supernatural horrors.


Referred to as the “Citizen Kane of paranormal documentaries” by industry insiders, The Unbinding will challenge everything you think you knew about ghosts.




Karl Pfeiffer


Planet Weird


Greg Newkirk, Dana Newkirk, Jason Gowin, Tyler Strand


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