TV Series

Paranormal Lockdown

Seasoned ghost hunters Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman lock themselves into haunted locations for round-the-clock, multiday investigations that have never been conducted before on a paranormal TV series. For 72 hours straight, the hosts live with the dead in some of America’s most haunted places, because the longer they stay, the more information they can gather about the unknown.

Greg Newkirk joins the cast of Destination America’s flagship series to help up stir up paranormal activity inside Chicago’s haunted Scutt Mansion. With a case full of rare tools and mysterious artifacts from the Newkirk Museum, Greg and his wife Dana use an alleged “Dybbuk Box” in an effort to manifest spirits, but the team get more than they bargained for when something in the attic makes contact.




TLC, Destination America


Rob Saffi


Katrina Weidman, Nick Groff